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After dealing with a frustrating move a few years ago, I knew that my upcoming move needed to be managed a little better. Instead of tossing things into boxes and hoping for the best, I took the time to organize my belongings, label packages, and wrap my valuables. I also spent a lot of time planning which objects would go where in the moving truck, which made a big difference on moving day. If you move a lot, you should check out this blog to learn more about how to plan for a move. It might seem like a small adjustment, but taking the time to plan can make your journey a lot easier.


Three Tips For An Earth-Friendly Move

29 September 2015
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When planning a move to a new house, the overwhelming job of getting everything packed and organized (and packed in the correct order so you don't spend weeks searching through boxes for your hairbrush) can throw you into survival mode so that you feel lucky to get the move done at all, let alone getting it completed in an ideally efficient manner. That's why starting early is such a great idea. Read More …

Tips For Preparing Your Boat For Sailing After Winter Storage

25 March 2015
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The birds are chirping, the trees are starting to get buds on them, the days are getting longer and the temperature is getting warmer. Ah, the signs of spring. With the coming of spring comes the start of boating season. After a long, cold winter, you can't wait to get your boat out of the self storage unit in isolation it has been sitting in for months and get it back into the water. Read More …